Chapter 70 – Reconnaissance (III)

Yo, and yes you see it right, we have increased our chapter release from 2 chapters a week ( 1 agd + 1 mhag) to 4 chapters a week(2 agd + 2 mhag). We were discussing whether to just focus on only 1 novel and release 4 chapters of it a week, but we then decided to just continue both and split it. Sadly, because I am working (13hrs a day) and Insanity also had just found a job so we could no longer keep up with our old release schedule of 10 chapters a week. Well, we gonna see how Insanity fair with his job after a month and see if we can still increase the chapter count to 6 chapter a week but if not, we will gonna keep up with 4 chapters a week. That’s all and have a good read everyone, ciao!

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